An epic tale in the dark times right after the Great War.
A man and a girl seek their past, having more in common
than they would ever believe...

And more mysteries to solve than they ever imagined.

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In the Europe of 1920, while the continent heals its Great War wounds, a man wakes up in Paris, not sure why he is there and what for at all. Apparently about a year of his memories is missing.

In the capitol of France, he meets a stray kitten, a teenage girl, who has her own issues and is surely not your usual next door girl.

The take off on a trek across Europe, trying to recreate his memories, only to find more mysteries. And the girl seems to have some sort of key to solve the riddle.

Author's note

Innocent Blood is a strange project... To be quite honest, it was at first supposed to be a completely different story, set in the 90's and the character were supposed to be a bit different. I pondered with it a bit, not really writing anything, just thing of situations and stuff.

Until one day Motoko said "Wouldn't you write some script for me?" and I immdiately replied "You draw?"

Well, she did, and I would have. We reorganized the story, pushed it back by almost 80 years, redesigned the characters. The adventure begun.

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