An epic tale in the dark times right after the Great War.
A man and a girl seek their past, having more in common
than they would ever believe...

And more mysteries to solve than they ever imagined.

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OK, so, who brought this thing to you?

The Innocent Blood project was created by Worlds Nest Comic Studio. There are more people involved than you might ever suppose. So then:

Milena "Motoko" Tupadlo - author of those breathtaking illustrations, who spend her long nights tweaking and adjusting. She is also the one who designed all the characters and gave them life. If not for her, the Innocent Blood woul not exist in its current shape. It is her first comic illustration to be published.

Bartek "Godai" Biedrzycki - a long-time writer (of sorts) and the guy who conceived the original idea. He also takes care of the lettering and general editorial stuff, as well as the website. Previously he has published a few short comics online as well as a longer series, that was later small-printed.

People outside WN that helped us:

Aneta - a professional writer, working for TV. She ensured the story stuck together well and was full of priceless advice when the writing was done.

Radek "Erb" - our very own firearms advisor, who helped all things that were gun-related in this project.

The main logo was written using a font by Nerfect Type Laboratories, while the mottos are written with with a font designed by Anke Arnold. The lettering uses A.C.M.E. Secret Agent font from Blambot.

There are also countless other faceless minions, who contributed in one way or another, giving us pieces of advice, encouraging and in any other way supporting our efforts to bring this project alive.

All of whom we thank. If not for you, we may have not succeeded.


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